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Hey Owl Radio listeners! Here is our third Owl Radio Spotlight. This week we feature event DJ, DJ Phresh. Be sure to check out his post and look out for his events on and off campus!




DJ Phresh comes from a Haitian background and grew up in South Florida. He was born in Miami and then moved to Deerfield. He was new and the youngest in the area. He got caught up in trouble and started hanging with the wrong crowd. Then he was forced to move to Pompano Beach where he had to build his reputation all over again.

He attended Park Ridge Elementary in Deerfield and had to transfer to Palm View Elementary because of school zone. Going to Crystal Lake Middle, he found new people to relate to through music. In high school, DJ Phresh attended Blanche Ely high school where his popularity rate really went up because of who he was and who hung around with.

As a music lover he really didn’t know the steps into becoming a DJ, but he was taking the steps without knowing. People would always tell him that he should become a DJ, but he never saw that vision back then. Around school, he would burn his peers CDs for their cars and load up iPod’s with the latest music. That helped him gain recognition a lot. After graduating high school he was still unsure about what his purpose in life was until he moved to Gainesville where he attended the #1 school in the nation, Santa Fe College. He then transferred to the University of Florida. In Gainesville, DJ Phresh and his crew stuck out like a sore thumb in a good way because he and his crew were always fly and fun to be around.

DJ Phresh used to DJ pool parties, throw the livest house parties and that helped him a lot in a new area, fast. When his name was being built, Gainesville’s club promoters wanted him in the clubs so he started doing little gigs then stopped because he was graduating and Gainesville was very inconsistent. Now that he has moved back home, he attends FAU and he knows his purpose. DJ Phresh knows what he has to do to become a DJ and looks forward to sweeping FAU and the Boca area off their feet with music.


This week is our second Owl Radio Spotlight. Today we have Josh Flack. Here’s his post, check it out and tune into his show Tuesdays from 11:30am-1:30pm. 


Josh Flack, also known as Flack, is a senior sociology major at FAU and also pursuing a minor in commercial music. Experiencing difficulty in high school allowed Flack to discover dance music, which opened his ears and heart to a whole new world where everybody can be whoever they want to be without judgement or cliques. It was from this point on that he began his journey to help people release themselves from their reality through dance music. Catch him Tuesdays from 11:30am-1:30pm with his show, “Escaping Reality,” each episode is full of uplifting music that allows you to forget your worries for at least 2 hours. He also plays at Rockn’ Angels from 10:30pm-2am every Thursday for college nights. These Beer Pong Thursdays also have free entries.

instagram and twitter: @MyNameIsFlack


This week is our first Owl Radio Spotlight. Today we have Garrett Mayersohn. Here’s his post, check it out and tune into his show Thursdays from 2-3. 

garrett(Garrett, right)


Hi, my name is Garrett Mayersohn and I am a month away from turning 21! I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies Arts and Humanities with a focus on Media and Communication. I hope to make a name for myself in the media/entertainment industry and I’m currently working on a bunch of independent projects- one being a TV show. I love music and using the power of the media to make a difference, as well as entertain people. On my show you can expect to hear my passion and engaging content along with interviews . If you love music, exciting interviews, and content then my shows for you! We air every Thursday from 2 to 3 right here on Fauowlradio.com. We are also in the process of putting shows on Soundcloud at Fau Owlradio
Facebook: Garontheradio
Instagram: garradio



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